厂.jpgHuai'an Boster Hydraulic Machinery Co., Ltd. is a large-scale production enterprise specializing in the research and development of hydraulic components. The company's main products include engineering machinery supporting valves, hydraulic locks, overflow valves, pressure regulating valves, balance valves, buffer valves, single stability valves, priority valves, synchronous valves, multi way valves ZS series, ZD series, ZT series, etc., which are widely used in engineering, agriculture, construction, plastics, petroleum, fisheries and other industries for mechanical equipment matching, The products sell well in 29 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions across the country and are exported to various parts of the world along with the main engine. The company's design capabilities, equipment capabilities, and processing and manufacturing capabilities are at a leading level both domestically and internationally A key enterprise in Jiangsu Province specializing in the production of hydraulic components.

Customer satisfaction is our unremitting pursuit. After 30 years of development efforts, the company currently has 150 employees, including 10 technical personnel with professional technical titles and 80 production equipment/set. The company's technology center adopts computer aided design (CAD): the testing center adopts computer aided testing (CAT), the production adopts computer aided manufacturing (CAM), and the company adopts enterprise resource planning (ERP) for management. The products sold are subject to three guarantees, and the after-sales service is attentive. Warmly welcome new and old friends to inquire and patronize. Our company will provide you with first-class products and the best service!